First Aid

While surfing blogs last week, I found a cute first aid bag for the sewing room.  While I didn’t copy the bag, the idea was what I used; a first aid bag.

Each month, I host a bee for a list of about 35 ladies – anywhere from 15-25 show up each month.  We have been meeting for almost three years.  We meet at a community center room that is big enough to hold us, which is nice.

We do have a first aid kit that I have been bringing for the last 8 months or so, but it isn’t very attractive, just an old bucket with a lid on it (maybe ice cream or something similar).


I made this little zip pouch from a pattern in an older “Quilts and More” magazine.  I’ve seen better zipper patterns than this one; but it turned out ok for what it was.  I just hope it is big enough for our supplies.  I did add a lanyard clip on the strap for it to be hung in a location that is convenient to find.