My 2012 UFO List

I have decided to join Judy’s Challenge again this year.  I think it will be the only one though, multiple lists confused me and I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to.

So here is my list.

Here are the quilts:

1.  Arrowhead

I need to finish about 30 or so more blocks.  I should work on this a little each month because I can only stand to make about 5 at a time before they drive me insane.  I just want to get this one to flimsy stage.

2. Star Crazy

This is top is completed, the backing has been dyed to match, and it is even sandwiched!  I just need to quilt it and bind it – and the binding is even cut and pressed. I want to finish this one.

3. Ohio Snow Star

It is just time to get this one done no matter what.  It is my oldest UFO at going on 11 years. I want to finish this one.

4.  Jelly Quilt Along


I hope I can still get the blocks for this one; I have only about half of these done. I just want to get this one to flimsy stage.

5.  Geometric

This one I want to get finished.  I still have to piece the back, sandwich  and quilt– but I do have the binding made!

6.  Oasis Chain


This is another I want to finish.  I have the backing to piece, sandwich, quilt and bind.

7.  Wonky Stars

This is one I need to finish to the top stage.  I have lots more blocks to make with this one.

8. Spring Sanctuary


This was a “Patchwork Party” one year.  I loved the colors.  I have the blocks made, but I just have to design a setting for them. 

9.  Neptune’s Quilt

This one I have to piece the back and then sandwich, quilt and bind it.

10.  Sparkling Gemstones

August 08 Meeting_0059_edited-2

This one, the top is done and ready to be sandwiched.  I had bought some backing for it, but used it for something else (I knew I did when I did it – so it isn’t a surprise that I did it).  So I have to get backing, sandwich, quilt, and bind it.  The binding is ready though.

11.  Autumn BQ

Fall BQ_0001_edited-1

This one is a top.  I just have to piece the back, sandwich, quilt, and bind.

12.  Christmas Stockings

I have one made and one partially pieced.  I do hope, however, that #12 does not get picked last again this year…

And that concludes my list of UFOs for 2012.  I have a bit more tops on the list to complete than ones to get to flimsy stage, but that is ok.  I have a TON of tops to get done.

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  1. good for you Kim! I did well on my list last year but am giving myself a break this time around.

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