2011 Wrap up Tally

JoAnne asked how many UFOs I actually completed and that prompted this post.

UFO’s Completed to Finish

  1. Bento Box
  2. Rebekah’s Fancy
  3. Red, White, & Bold
  4. Japanese Jigsaw
  5. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

UFO’s Completed to Tops

  1. Designer Mystery 2009
  2. Batik Pineapples
  3. Autumn Star Struck
  4. Prairie Paisley

Started , but only got to Top Phase

  1. Star Crazy
  2. Paris in the Fall
  3. Oasis Chain
  4. Geometric
  5. Awesome
  6. Giddy With Change
  7. Coconut Shaved Ice

Tops Started but Given to Charity as Tops

  1. Wounded Warrior #1
  2. Wounded Warrior #2
  3. Wounded Warrior #3
  4. Jelly Roll 1600 #1
  5. Jelly Roll 1600 #2

Projects completed from start to Finish

  1. Japanese Tsunami Quilt
  2. miPad Case
  3. Flurry
  4. Camera Case
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Nook Cover
  7. Steelers Quilt

When you look at it this way, it does seem like I got a lot done.  I didn’t even include BOM projects or little gifts that I made (and forgot to take photos of).  No wonder why my machine needed service earlier than normal (after 10 months vs a year).

2011 a Year in Review–pt 2

July was a quiet month; a month spent with family and enjoying the time with my husband while he was home.  Nothing got completed during that time.

August saw a little activity:

I made a 12” quilt for Japanese Tsunami victims:


I also made a miPad case:


September, I made a few more tops.

Star Crazy –


Paris in the Fall:



and Tomorrow’s Heirlooms



October saw the completion of the top Oasis Chain


and a new Camera Case:


I also finished my Bento Box quilt


and Tomorrow’s Heirlooms quilt turned into Rebeka’s Fancy when completed


and Red White and Bold got completed too!


November saw the completion of the top Geometric that I had been planning for a while but never started:


Three tops for Wounded Warriors at Kaneohe Bay:





and finally the Designer Mystery 2009


December saw the completion of the Flurry top


A first aid kit bag