Some Finished Quilts

I have two quilts to show today that I finished a bit ago that I just got pictures taken.


First up is Coconut Shaved Ice.  This quilt is for my son.  The last quilt I made him was one with dinosaur fabrics.  Sorry for the way the quilt is… I am short and the wind was blowing.  I just quilted it with King Tut on the top and Bottom Line on the bottom.  I really like that combination for quilting because soo much of the bottom Line can go on the bobbin that I have fewer bobbin changes!  This is slightly wider and longer than a twin-size quilt. 


Next, is Geometric.  This is a king-sized quilt.  This one is for my bed (after the quilt show happens in May).  I have a queen-sized bed, but my husband and I fight over the covers so I wanted to have it big enough to share.  The pattern is from Judy Laquidera.  It was really fun to make.  I used my leftovers from the front for the back.


Again, I just stippled and used King Tut on the front and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  I did sew this on my 6500.  I took it a quadrant at a time and quilted from the center out (like Leah Day suggests) in rows.  It only took a day to quilt.  I was fortunate to be able to set up some tables around my machine to help with the weight of the quilt.  I sandwiched it using my board method that I have a tutorial for.  I now have 6’ boards, 8’ boards, and 9’ boards for sandwiching quilts.

I will leave you with a picture of my cat curled up in “his boy’s” quilt.  This is the dinosaur quilt that I was mentioning above.  This cat has an obsession with “his boy” (my son) No matter where he is in the house, the cat will come if my son calls him. There are other things he does, but it is more like what a dog does to his favorite master than how a cat normally acts.  Cleo (the cat – and yes he is a boy – long story but the short version is we thought he was a girl for three years so we just kept the name) loves quilts.  He loves to curl up in them under the covers.  There is never any shortage of quilts that he can curl up in.



Monday Milestones 1-30-12



No Listed Goals.  Jury duty was on Tuesday and while I didn’t get picked for a jury (my case was settled before the jury process started. I did have to wait around all day because though I was slated to start in the morning, I guess settling took a bit longer and I had to wait until the afternoon).  I was starting to feel icky that morning, but was hitting a full-blown cold by the afternoon.


1. Month 7 Designer Mystery

2. Month 8 Designer Mystery

3. Month 3 Love Letters

4. Month 4 Love Letters

5. Fifteen Arrowhead Blocks

Monday Milestones–1/23/12



1. Month 7 Designer Mystery

2. Month 8 Designer Mystery

3. Month 3 Love Letters

4. Month 4 Love Letters

5. Five Arrowhead Blocks

It was bound to happen.  A week when I didn’t get any of my listed goals done.  Why?  I have many excuses… lol.  Monday was a holiday.  Tuesday, Both of my kids were home from school sick (nasty VOG-related allergies) but we did make a quick run to get my new free motion foot and I purchased some 9-foot boards for my basting technique.  I will eat my words and say the foot was the problem for my FMQ woes.  Wednesday, my son was home sick again, and I got Coconut Shave Ice quilted and bound.  Thursday I don’t remember what I did – probably caught up on housework and I am blocking it out of my mind Winking smile, but my 20 gross of safety pins came in.  Friday, I sandwiched Geometric.  Saturday, it was quilted, and Sunday I bound it.  So though I didn’t get things on my list done, I did get plenty done.!


I am not putting anything on my “to-do” list this week.  I have guild tonight and I have to spend today prepping for it (I am the VP and in charge of Membership so I have to prep the sign-in sheets and print membership cards, etc.)

Tuesday I have to report to Jury Duty (if when I call today after 5pm and they still need me to report).  If I don’t have to go to Jury Duty, I will work on last week’s goals plus add another 10 arrowhead blocks.

I hope your week is productive!

2 Purple Purses

Here are the two purple purses I made for the two girls that I carpool to school every day.  They were belated Christmas gifts since my machine was acting up when I went to make them.  I also made a matching lanyard since they have to wear one every day with their school id on it.



Excuse the quality of the photos, I took these with my iphone when the purses were done to send to a friend via text.  I took others with the good camera before I gave them to the girls yesterday and the card protested and wouldn’t read.  It looked all scratched up so I decided to trash the disk so I wouldn’t accidentally put it in my camera again – no telling what I lost on it – but it won’t happen again!

Monday Milestones–1/16/12



1. Bind Awesome!The binding is attached and it just needs to be sewn down. I will do this on Tuesday at the Tuesday Bee.

DONE!  I got it done at the Tuesday Bee – I was taking the last stitches as the others were putting the tables away.  I felt bad for not helping, but I really wanted to get the binding done since I had only a few inches left.

2. Purple Purses.I have two purses to make for “late Christmas Gifts” for the girls I carpool to and from school.

DONE!  I got them done on Friday.  I will post pictures this week after I give them to the girls.

3. Piece the backing for Geometric. I need to piece the backing for my #5 UFO for the challenge.

DONE! I got this done on Thursday. I used leftovers from the quilt top and some Bella Solid yardage I had. I forgot how much it takes to back a king-sized quilt!

4. Make 5 Arrowhead blocks.If I don’t do this each week, I will never get this UFO done.

DONE!  I got this done on Wednesday.  No photos because my camera battery needed charging and I didn’t charge it until Friday night.

Again, not much scheduled, but if I get more done, then I will be happy. The big things that need to get done are listed.

I want to go to water aerobics four days this week. I would go every day this week (M,T, W, T, F, S), but I have the Tuesday bee and the Sassy S&B Quilters Bee is on Saturday. I am looking forward to sewing with the gals. I don’t know what I want to work on yet for the bee. I might just take Geometric to sandwich since I will need two tables together to sandwich it.

I wasn’t able to go to aerobics but two times last week.  Monday and Thursday.  Tuesday and Saturdays were bees, Wednesday I didn’t feel very well and Friday was just too dang cold.  I woke up and it was 62 degrees.  Ok.  You might not think that is cold, but for here it is; and the pools are outdoors and run about 10 –15 degrees cooler than outside.

Geometric didn’t get sandwiched on Saturday.  I didn’t have enough safety pins to do it.  I realized this Wednesday and started quilting on my son’s quilt Coconut Shave Ice.  I got about 1/3 of the way done and it was driving me crazy; the thread kept breaking, it kept skipping stitches.  I tried everything I could think of.  I called the repairman on Saturday and he thinks my presser foot is not working well.  We will see.  I will have to wait until Wednesday to go pick another up.

Saturday I did start working on my Terrain Quilt though.  I also got one of the blocks for the 2011 Designer Mystery completed – photos to follow.


1.  Month 7 Designer Mystery

2.  Month 8 Designer Mystery

3.  Month 3 Love Letters

4.  Month 4 Love Letters

5.  Five Arrowhead Blocks

I am not going to put completing the quilting on Coconut Shave Ice and sandwiching Geometric.  I am not convinced that the new free-motion foot will solve my problem with the quilting.  I ordered two   Twenty gross (20 x 1, 444  144) safety pins today, but I don’t know when they will come in – so that isn’t on this week’s goal.

For my goal of aerobics, I am going to shoot for three days – it has been really chilly in the mornings and class is at 9am.

I hope you have a very productive week too!