Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

That is Hawaiian for Happy New Year!

My sewing machine is having a “spa treatment” (aka being serviced to make it to its best). A part in the bobbin area broke.  The tension was WAY off and it was not sewing very well at all.

It is a Janome 6500.  I want to name it.  I have had it a while, but since she is going to be my travel machine only in a few months, I feel I owe it to her.  She has been through a lot.  She has been faithful to me.  She keeps on ticking after the beating she has gotten (a cracked screen because my daughter sat on my case when she was in it).  I snapped off a spool holder when I had left a cone of thread on it when I put it in the case.  So she needs a name that is a strong name.  Something that has character!  Any ideas?

Yep, you probably guessed it, I will be getting a new machine in February.  My big surprise from “Santa” was permission to buy a new machine when our tax refund gets here.  I will be getting a Janome 6600.  Why not a Horizon, you ask?

Well, many reasons.  If I had known when I was buying my 6500 that the 6600 was coming out, I would have waited a bit.  Secondly, I have all the accessories (case, sew-ezi table, etc) that fit the 6500 and the 6600 is the same size and shape as the 6500 so I don’t have to go buying more stuff to fit it. Lastly, the price difference between the 6600 and the horizon is just too much.  I can’t wait until I am able to go down and get it!