Some BOM Blocks

My guild, like many, has a block of the month drawing every month that there is a regular meeting (10 a year).  To enter in the drawing, you must complete two blocks.  One for the “kitty” and one for our charity group “Na Lima Aloha” (The Hands of Love.  This way the charity gets blocks to help out too.  I really like when we started that because it is an easy way to get some charity work in.

This month the block was a simple one, but done in black, white, and red.  While I was doing my massive cutting, I cut out two sets of blocks – for a total of four blocks to make.


I really want to win this month, I will get two entries into the BOM.  I want to win it because these are my son’s favorite colors (black and red). 

Here are the blocks done up (one in each fabric set)



These were the first things I sewed on Bessie after her spa treatment.  She had to have a few parts replaced, two of them – the repairman said he had NEVER seen them worn out before.  Also, when he was checking me out, he was going over his normal spiel of 2 years for the next service, etc. and he stopped, corrected himself and said “for you, I would go every year.”   It had been only 10 months since my last service, so I know I had been doing a lot of sewing!

It sewed so quietly after the service, I couldn’t believe the stitches were actually forming; before when the machine sounded like that, the threads were not catching.  I was constantly slowing down and checking to make sure it was working!!