Though I changed the UFO I was supposed to work on this month from Arrowheads to my Sunshine Pineapples quilt, I still wanted to work on the Arrowhead blocks.  For me I can only work on a few before I can not stand them any more – just because they have open seams and that makes it very hard for them to match the intersections.

When I last posted that I had completed 5 more done on one of my milestones post, a commenter stated they wanted to see them.  I didn’t realize I had never really taken any photos of any of the completed blocks.  I made 12 more leaving me 10 more to complete to get all the blocks done.

Here are a few of my favorites:


They still need to be trimmed.  I am waiting until they are all completed before I do so.  I also still need to dye sashing/border fabric.