Monday Milestones 2-13-12



  1. Complete Month 3  2 Love Letters  – Done!
  2. Month 4  3Love Letters –Nope!  I got almost finished and majorly messed up the flying geese, so I had to track down more fabric.
  3. Month 5 4 Love Letters – the problem with Month 3 made me not want to work on these anymore this week.
  4. Two Tsunami quilts  – Almost done.  I just have to bind (four!! of ) them.
  5. Sandwich Pineapple quilts  – not sandwiched, but I did find the backing and pieced it to get it ready.
  6. Complete Cleaning & organizing sewing area- this was mostly  done!  I still have to find spots for a few things on my desk and organize a few cubbies, but it is workable!

What else did I get done last week?  Well I made a quilt top (Super Secret Project #1) and got the backing ready to sandwich it as well.

I also started on month one of Merry Merry Snowmen.   As of this writing, I have almost gotten the square-in-a-square blocks done.  I will have to say I am a wee bit intimidated by it though.

I also worked some more on my terrain quilt at the Sassy S&B Quilter’s bee on Saturday.


  1. Month 3 Love Letters
  2. Sandwich Sunshine Pineapples
  3. 2 more tsunami quilts (this month *may* be the last month we are collecting them, so I want to make up for not making so many before)
  4. Bind the 4 tsunami quilts I made last week
  5. Sandwich Super-Secret Project #1

Have a wonderful week!