Happy Valentines Day!

21 years ago today, my best friend asked me to be his Valentine.  17 years ago (on the 2nd of February) we got married. 

My dear husband came home from work today carrying this. It states” Thank you for being there all these years…”


He was a little upset with me though.  I have a standing “appointment” on the second Tuesday of the month (oddly enough named… 2nd Tuesday Bee).  Sunday, Max was asking me what my plans were for the day and I said that I had the bee and that I would be gone most of the morning.  He had planned for them to be delivered and there were only two windows, both of which I would have been gone for various reasons – sometimes a stay at home mom doesn’t stay at home all day. He had to brave the Navy Exchange on a holiday – AND a payday to boot to pick them up.  Thanks love!

My daughter came home with this – it was too cute:


It is a large “Rolo” candy with a Hershey’s kiss for the point. 

This is what I got my husband for Valentine’s Day:


I got him a mount for his World of Warcraft characters – but it was what he wanted….