Monday Milestones–2/20/12



  1. Month 3 Love Letters – not done again
  2. Sandwich Sunshine Pineapples – not done again
  3. 2 more tsunami quilts (this month *may* be the last month we are collecting them, so I want to make up for not making so many before) – only one got done
  4. Bind the 4 tsunami quilts I made last week – wow… the only thing I got completely done this week.
  5. Sandwich Super-Secret Project #1 – nope… not this either.


  1. Month 3 Love Letters
  2. Sandwich Sunshine Pineapples
  3. Sandwich Super-Secret Project #1
  4. Make 2 blocks for Super Secret Project #3

That may be all I am able to get done this week.  I had planned to sew all day today, but since my office chair broke (boohoo!) I have to spend today shopping for a new one.  I hope I can find a new one relatively fast and cheap.

Have a wonderful week!