Monday Milestones–2/27



  1. Month 3 Love Letters – nope not completely done.  I did get the 12’’ portion of both blocks done.  Just have to put the “setting triangles on both blocks”.
  2. Make 2 blocks for Super Secret Project #3 – not done either

    Why I didn’t get much of the above done:

  3. Sandwich Sunshine Pineapples – DONE!  Also quilted and bound!!
  4. Sandwich Super-Secret Project #1 – DONE!  Also quilted and bound!!

I will have photos of Sunshine Pineapples after tonight’s guild meeting and a “teaser” of Super Secret Project #1.  Since it is a gift, I will have to wait until the recipient gets it in the mail.


  1. Complete Love Letters – Month 3
  2. 5 Arrowhead blocksLove Letters Month 4
  3. Designer Mystery Month 9
  4. 2 blocks for the Super Secret Project #3
  5. Design Super Secret Project #4 aka my guild’s annual challenge quilt – I won’t be able to post anything – even teasers – about this until May because the members will vote on this and I know some of them read my blog.

I have a lot of “Super Secret Projects” going on lately.  Some are for gifts and some are for challenges.  I have a few posts already written waiting on the appropriate time that they can be posted so I don’t forget about them.