February UFO Completed

I completed my February UFO late last week, with plenty of time to spare.  I just got a photo of it completed today though. 


The original pattern looks like this:


I had to change my version of course.

I had fun quilting it.  I did a medium-is stipple around the pineapples.  In the green sashing, I did a crossing line/square/triangle meander.  It was actually nice to do something that was different than a meander.  I tried to be as strait as I could, but if there was a wobble or a rounded corner I didn’t worry too much.  In the piano key border it was a free-form cross-hatch-like quilting.  Again, I was focusing on having fun rather than perfection. 


I think right now, instead of perfection, I am going to focus on finishing the quilts and just having fun with the designs. 

6 thoughts on “February UFO Completed

  1. Love your pineapples and good for you for just enjoying the quilting process instead of worrying about a rounded corner, etc. It looks beautiful!

  2. Funny to have two Sunshine Pineapples due and done this month on Judy’s 2012 Challenge. Like your fabric selection too. The green makes it real fun. Mine is in the my quilter’s queue. So your ahead of me! Sandi

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