Since it is leap day , I have been seeing tons of photos of frogs around blogland.

I figured I would show you my favorite frog image:

It is a photo of my (only) tattoo.  I got it when I was 32 or 33 (I can’t remember which right now – there was a whole year I thought I was a year younger than I was and boy did I get a shock when I aged two years on my birthday instead of one…lol).


Yep… that is a tree frog sitting on a peach.  Not a natural occurrence, I know.

A little history about it.  In late 1995, my husband and I traveled to Oregon with his family for a wedding. Afterwards, we stayed for a week and visited Seattle too.  Somewhere along the way, we went to a mall and one of the shops was selling silver animal lapel pins, etc.  He purchased me a tree frog.  We hadn’t been married more than 8 months at the time (and that whole time he was overseas on a separation tour and he was home on leave for this trip).  That started my love affair with tree frogs.

Fast forward about a year and he comes home from the separation tour and we move to Georgia.  It is my first time away from “home”.  We get a computer and I have to create an online identity.  “Peach” pops into my head.  I was always saying “I am peachy” when someone asks me how I was doing long before we moved to Georgia.  Of course, peach, gapeach, and several variations were already taken.  BUT – comppeach was not.  It was short for “ComputerPeach” – because in those days AOL limited characters on screen names.

Four years later, he has to go on another separation tour, but luckily he is allowed to stay for the birth of our son and until he was a month old.  I stay in Georgia until our son is 8 months old and then I just have to move back home.  I move in with my grandmother and that is when I learn how to quilt… in the summer of 2000.

I was still computerpeach for a lot of things, but I wanted to include my quilting aspect now.  “Peach Quilting” was born.  That was the name of my pattern company that I tried to start.  One day, it may go again.  When I switched my domain name (I don’t want to lose it!!) from a website selling patterns, to just a blog – I had to choose a name for the blog.  It was going to be “A Stitch in Time” – but that seemed so cliché.  Then I started playing around with it and it became “A Peach in Stitches”. 

When I was asked with a friend to go with her to get a tattoo and she made an appointment for me too, I was thinking about what I wanted.  I didn’t want something that would be a copy of someone else’s.  If I was to get a tattoo, it was to be original.  Since it was permanent, it was to be something that meant something to me.

I played around in photoshop (or the like) and combined two images that I loved.  I am very happy I got the tattoo.  It is something that represents me.  It is unique, like me.  Would I ever get another… yes.  I want another, but the conditions have to be right.  What would I get?  I want a quilt block on my shoulder blade.  Not just any artist can do it… it is permanent… I want it to look good.

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