More Tsunami Tops & Help Requested

I am really liking making these tsunami tops.  They are fun and addicting.  I also like the fact that I now have different fabrics to play with that are not relegated to other things already.

I used to purchase only fabric to go with a certain project.  After the project was done, I couldn’t stand looking at the fabrics anymore so I gave them away/sold them.  Sometimes it was YARDAGE that was leftover.

Now I have a shelf just for fabrics to “play” with.  That is the whole purpose of those fabrics.  Maybe afterI get my next box of fabric in I will share with you my secret… but you have to promise you won’t buy out the store and leave some for me… ok?

Anyway… back to showing the latest tsunami tops – the camera’s flash washed out some of the photos.





At next month’s guild meeting the person in charge of sending and distributing these little quilts to Japan will be at our meeting.  I hope to have a BUNCH ready to send back with her.  Our guild has sent 99 quilts prior to the February meeting.  There looked to be about 20-30 more collected at that meeting. 

I hope that these will brighten the lives of the recipients, some who have been transplanted with nothing.  

Now for the request for help – I would like more quilts from others!

If you are interested in sending some little quilts – they are only 12” (and can be as simple or as complicated as you want).  If you have orphan quilt blocks you can use them too!  Just quilt them up, bind them and add two hangers (can be loops, etc) and send them to me – the only caveat is they have to be sent to me via priority mail (but a flat rate envelope/box will be fine) so they will get here in time since if you send parcel post it will take a month to get here.  If you plan on sending something,comment and  I will send you the address to send them to.

Spread the word too please!  I would like to have all the quilts in my hands by no later than  March 24th.

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