Can You Keep a Secret?

I alluded the other day when I worked on my tsunami tops I would tell you about my secret way to get a lot of different fabrics easily.

They are all new lines… sometimes so new, that they are just available in the stores.

I buy the 12 lb scrap boxes from The Fat Quarter Shop.  This is a side view of my 4th box.  I buy one box a month.  They come in a large size flat rate box.


They are regularly $65 (I think, they are out of stock right now) plus $10 shipping.  I took the time with this box (and all boxes vary so don’t expect to see the exact same things as in mine) to measure each piece and it came out to approximately 33 yards of fabric.  The smallest piece was 4” x WOF and the largest was 2 yards (which is very rare to get a piece that large!).  Most pieces were between 9” & 18” x WOF.   There were a few pieces that were FQ-ish size and a few pieces that were about 10”10”.  Again, this varies per box and you NEVER know what you get until you open it.

As I said earlier – this is my fourth box.  One box I got had a ton of cream/white solids.  One box had a whole bunch of the cupcakery line.  Most of the cuts were cotton in this box but there were a few pieces of batik. 

I love opening each box because it is a surprise.  Plus, I get to see other lines that I may not look twice at and then decide to buy more of it.  There is one piece that I got a FQ size of it and really want to order more, but yardage isn’t available yet…

But you have to promise me you won’t buy them out so that I can continue ordering a box a month.

2 thoughts on “Can You Keep a Secret?

    • I’m sorry. At least they are out of stock right now… 🙂

      I had seen them for a while, but it took a friend ordering them and raving about them to see that they were awesome.

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