Monday Milestones – 3/5/12



  1. Complete Love Letters – Month 3 – I finished one, but ran out of fabric and had to order more.
  2. 5 Arrowhead blocks – DONE.  Though only 4 got photographed. Oh well.
  3. Love Letters Month 4 – Nope – I have a mental roadblock when it comes to this quilt, I guess.
  4. Designer Mystery Month 9 – DONE!!
  5. 2 blocks for the Super Secret Project #3 – I got one finished and started the other one.  My machine really didn’t like the fabric that was given to me and was eating the fabric.  I don’t have a single stitch plate for my 6600 yet –  so I will probably take it with me on Saturday to the Sassy Bee and work on it since that one has a single stitch plate.
  6. Design Super Secret Project #4 aka my guild’s annual challenge quilt – I won’t be able to post anything – even teasers – about this until May because the members will vote on this and I know some of them read my blog.  DONE!!  I even pulled fabrics and ordered threads to start working on it next week.  It has to be appliqued so I  also traced the pattern on to the back of the base block so I can back-baste applique it.

Not on the list that got done:

4 Tsunami “quilt tops”.  I really am having fun with them.  I also pulled fabrics for 4 more “tops”.  Sunday, I worked on another quilt top and got all the units made for it.  Now just to trim the units and put it together.

Blessing Block #1 from Temecula Quilt Co.  This was such a cute block and quick, that I couldn’t pass up another mystery from them.

I sure don’t know where this last week went off to but I want it back!!  It flew by.  Before I knew it, it was Friday and I hadn’t gotten anything done on my list!


  1. Quilt the five tsunami quilt tops that are done.  Get them ready for binding.
  2. Again – try to get months 3 & 4 on Love Letters done.
  3. Quick clean of sewing room.  It is getting a bit messy.
  4. Work on Terrain Maze at the Sassy S & B Quilters bee
  5. Work on Month 1 of Merry Merry Snowmen.  I ordered threads and I should be ready to start this now.

I do have to do some guild stuff this week.  The kids are out of school on Friday for a little over a week since Spring Break is next week. 

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