Tsunami Quilts–The Obsession Continues

(pt 3)

Bolstered by the fact that I knocked a UFO off so quickly, I decided to do that to my March UFO (#8).  The blocks were already done.  I couldn’t come up with a setting – the whole reason it was a UFO to begin with.  So why not just quilt them and be done with my March UFO?

Done!  Something knocked off my list and given to a good cause! I was rocking with the “high” of those things.

Here they are:


These were made several years ago and my piecing has improved a lot since then. 

Again.  I could have stopped here.  This gave me 30 quilts that I could turn in at the March guild meeting.  That would have been awesome right there.  6 would have been great.  18, marvelous. 30… awesome.

Sometimes… I see my O.C.D. coming from a mile away.  This time, it hit me upside the head and kept at it.  I was obsessed and on a mission to get to 50. Don’t ask me why. 50 sounded like a nice round number. I was insane and crazy and obsessed.  More obsession to come…

6 thoughts on “Tsunami Quilts–The Obsession Continues

  1. I recognize this fabric line–Sanctuary by 3 Sisters, one of my favorites. Nice blocks made into minis–congrats on a plethora of finishes!

  2. I recognised the fabric too, mine is sitting in a box with a pattern, the project yet to be started. Some lovely work.

  3. OCD is best shared with someone you love – my husband is compulsive and I am obsessive and together we have a disorder that is sometimes quite helpful – like when he goes shopping with me to a quilt store. LOL – thank you for sharing your beautiful Sanctuary blocks – it’s a miracle. OTL is off the list and wonderful. Judy C

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