Tsunami Quilts–The Obsession Starts

(pt. 2)

I was looking around in my project boxes trying to decide what to work on next – I needed to clear out a box for another new project.  My eyes fell upon these.  I figured I could finish the few blocks and whip up the top and move it out. 

When I took out the blocks and the cut fabrics and such, I realized, I really didn’t like them.  Ok.  No big deal.  I could still finish the top and give it to Na Lima Aloha (my guild’s charity project). 

I still happened to have the previous tsunami tops on my desk and I put two and two together.  I finished the blocks that needed to be done and then decided I would add them to the pile of tsunami blocks.  I figured “cool, a way to knock out a UFO and accomplish a goal of giving a nice number of quilts to the project!”

Here they are quilted:


I could have stopped here with 18 quilts… but noooo….

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