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Google and Feedburner (the place I send my blog feeds to so that I can move my blog anywhere) are not working well.  The last few posts have not been showing up on google reader…

Sandwiching Quilts

Today I set up a 6’ table in my sewing room and sandwiched a few quilts. 


First up was Sparkling Gemstones, my April UFO.  I know… I am running a bit late on this one.  Especially since all I had to do was piece a backing, sandwich, and quilt it.

Since I had the table and boards out, I figured I should get a few others done.


Autumn Star Struck came out to play and get sandwiched.


The new schnibble, Summer Day, got sandwiched too.  I really love the way the two reds look when they are together.  It is a good thing to get this one sandwiched, since the baby was born and is now home from the hospital.



Last of all, my Bali Pop Quilt got sandwiched.  As you can see, a young Mel Gibson is on the TV.  Lethal Weapon (1) was on and I had it on in the background while I was sandwiching.  I usually have music on my ipad on playing on Pandora through my dock, but I was in the mood for a tv show.  Something I didn’t have to watch constantly; something I have seen many times.  Lethal Weapon fit the bill. 



I now have a stack of 6 quilts to quilt that are sandwiched and ready to go.  I hope I can get them done soon.

My First Schnibble

sort of.

I made my first Shcnibble for “Another Year of Scnibbles” parade.


But,  I made it bigger.  I used the generalness of the pattern and made it bigger because I needed a baby quilt FAST! This seemed like it would be a great one to do.  I also had only three prints and the quilt is for a boy.  I would like to make this again in a smaller version – especially now that I  have both of the “fit to be geese” rulers.


Secret Project #4 Revealed

Also known as: my guild’s annual challenge quilt.

Every year, with my guild’s annual quilt show, they have a challenge.  The rules vary each year.

This year – the rules were:

1. Must have a 6” focus square that is appliqued and embellished.
2. Must have 3 separate and distinct borders.
3. The quilt can be any shape, but must be no larger than 56” in perimeter.

Last night, each entry was hung out and the guild members were allowed to vote on their favorite three quilts.  They will then calculate the votes and at the opening reception of the quilt show, the top three will have ribbons. The makers were anonymous until after all the votes were collected.


Here is my entry:


I hand-appliqued the flowers and hand quilted the quilt.  The half-square triangle border is 1/2”.  My fingers hurt for days!!

Here are the other entries:



This one was a real working clock!



This one was my friend JoAnne’s


“The Quilter’s Brain”


Joan M’s






Donna E’s


This one is Margaret’s.  She has a quilt hanging in Paducah right now.  This in remembrance of last year’s tsunami in Japan.463095_274775545949732_100002518667297_586865_2096887264_o

My friend Maureen’s.  The challenge for her was to only make one quilt… she didn’t make it; this was her second one.


Carol’s.  Honu (turtles) are on a lot of things in Hawaii.


My friend Rowena’s


Jean’s.  The birds were made of tons of tiny beads.  You can see a better photo at Jo Anne’s blog (above).




Sue’s   I love the abstractness of this one!








Jo-Ann M’s


Mary Ann J’s




And finally Bonnie’s “inflation”.

Green Birthday Goodness

Saturday, my bee, the Sassy S&B Quilters, celebrated my birthday.  Though I wasn’t intending to get gifts (that wasn’t the whole point of the party – it was supposed to be an all-day bee from 9am to 11pm; my husband’s work ruined it and we had to end at 6pm) I did receive a whole bunch of yummy green birthday goodness.


This is me and my kids. There were Lime green balloons and look to the right in the photo – lots of birthday goodness!


Here is some fat quarters from my friend Janie – I love the limes… a play on my favorite color “lime” green.. haha!  She also gave me some lime green masterpiece thread (I forgot to take a photo of it) and made the most awesome brownies… she can bake for me anytime!


Here is some fabric from Bev – I collect the Hula Girls!  I have note paper, coffee mugs, etc in that same design. It is funny because she didn’t know I collected them.


Though these weren’t technically a birthday gift, JoAnne brought these (among other fabrics) for a freebie table; Bev picked them up and said that I was the one that needed the lime greens… 🙂



Sylvia gave me this great keychain lanyard.  It is on my keychain and helping me find my keys a bit easier in my purse!


Maureen made me this bear out of this great green batik.  She also made Red Velvet Cream Cheese brownies and Red Velvet cupcakes… which is my favorite cake…


Roxy made me this great rubbish catcher that sits under my sewing machine… it is made out of that laminated fabric… really cool!


Connie brought the pink tulips and Lily brought the yellow tulips.  Though I have a black thumb, I am going to try really hard not to kill them.



Serena gave me this great kit for a batik table runner.  I can’t wait to put it on my “to do” list!


Bonnie and Elaine gave me the above scissors and card pouch; they wouldn’t tell me who did what… but I love both!


Ellen gave me these four lime batik fat quarters… yummy!


Sue gave me one of her patterns – her first published

3.one!!!  I can’t wait to make a bag with it!


Lila gave me these awesome snips and the needles – I have been using the snips every since I got them. 


Thank you everyone for making my birthday (party) very special – even though we didn’t get to sew all day and night.  Maybe this summer we can make it up.