39 And Holding

Today was a great day!  It started with tea/coffee with a good friend and conversation at starbucks.  We were there for three hours talking.  We probably would have been there longer but I got a call from the florist stating they left flowers on my porch because noone was home.

Thanks to my neighbor Amy who rescued them from my porch and gave them a safe place to stay until I could get home.

Look – my husband knows me well… LIME GREEN FLOWERS!!!

He also got me a birthday cake for after dinner:

and green frosting… am I really that predictable that give me something green (money included) and I am happy!  My phone rang all day long it seemed.  That is ok, it was nice.

I have been working on my challenge quilt.  I really need to get it finished.  I also have to do two Operation Kid comfort quilts.  I haven’t even started on them.  Today, the only time I spent any time in my sewing room was when I was on the phone with my oldest sister.

Saturday, I will be sewing with a bunch of friends at my monthly bee.  I have been looking forward to it!