Safety Pins

Like a lot of quilters, I sandwich my quilts with safety pins.  I have many (over 4000) pins.  I bought them from a dry cleaner supply store, where I was able to buy 10 gross (a gross is 144) of pins that were already open for about $8 plus shipping.  I like my pins to be open because it is a pain to open them, stick them in the fabric, and the close them again. 

After I quilted the six quilts, I put the pins I used back in the container I keep them in and they looked so cool, I had to take a photo of them.


Six quilts only used up about half of the pins shown. 


This picture was really cool, I thought.


And here is my daughter holding up a bunch of pins by just one that linked a whole together (one disadvantage that leaving them open is that they tangle together).

One thought on “Safety Pins

  1. I can only say WOW! That’s a LOT of pins! I only have a quart ziploc bag about 3/4 full 🙂 I also leave them open since I save time closing them when they come out of the quilt and opening them when I baste. I use kwickclip for that if you don’t have it I highly recommend it!

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