Weekend & Mother’s Day

Saturday, I had an adventure. It was my monthly sewing bee of the Sassy S&B Quilters. I normally hold it on Saturdays at a community center provided by the management company of the housing I live in. Since it is on Saturday, I have to pick up the keys to the room on the Friday before.  I forgot to do it, despite the many comments to friends “I can’t wait to go sew tomorrow”.  This is only the second time in four years that I forgot to pickup the key the day before the bee.  Needless to say, I was kicking myself.  The last time I forgot the key, it was the night before after they closed and I had time to call everyone and cancel.  I didn’t even remember this time until I was pulling up to the room to unload my car.  There was a couple of people already waiting.  I called around and finally was able to leave a message for the manager.  We waited for an hour and with no phone call back, I decided to pick up and move to my house.  Luckily, I had cleaned a few days before, so it wasn’t too bad (otherwise I wouldn’t have even offered to have people come back to my house).  Some declined, and that was fine, we have about 15 –25 people show up every month to the bees (hence the reason to hold it at the community center!).  We caravan to my house, which isn’t very far away, and unload our stuff.  I unload my car so we could have extra tables (usually three tables, an ironing board, an office chair, and then my machine and projects).  During this, my friend Maureen showed up and noticed that someone was opening the pool that was behind the room, and asked if he had keys to the room.  He stated no and I think asked if he wanted her to call someone.  She did and thirty minutes later the office manager called me and asked if I was able to get into the room.  This is about 30 minutes after we left to go to my house.  She was super nice and said she (or someone else) would meet me at the office to let me get the key).  We all pack up again (only Kristin the superwoman was sewing already) and head back to the community center.  The rest of the day was pretty uneventful – just a nice day with friends!

For mother’s day, my children told me to stay in bed, to not get up.  I pretty much assumed they wanted to make me breakfast in bed.  All week long I was getting questions like “so when you make bagels in the toaster, you push the bagel button, right?” and “do you like ketchup with your hash browns” and “how do you like your eggs?”.  I was a little scared because my son (12) is just beginning to cook and while that is fine, my husband is on deployment right now, so no adult supervision downstairs while he cooked.

They came upstairs with this:photo


A bagel with cream cheese, and scrambled eggs.  Yes, no hash browns, because I told them I couldn’t have them.   The eggs were a little undercooked, but I really wasn’t that hungry that early so that was fine.  It was a great attempt for his first time making scrambled eggs! I am proud of my kiddos!