Just Georgeous!

Last week Thousands of Bolts had a deal on, where anything shipped for $3.95 – I took advantage of that fact and ordered some Moda Bella Solids – which were $4.95 a yard!

I went there looking for some Bleached White and came away with 20 yards of Moda Bella fabric! Not one of them was bleached white too! They didn’t have any. They sent another email yesterday or the day before letting people know that the shipping special was on for another two days and I went back hoping there was some bleached white, but nope, still none, but I ordered another 5 yards of other fabrics. Good thing the shipping special is almost over!!

Here are the Bella’s that I ordered…

Three yards of the “snow” and 3 yards of black. The others are two-yard cuts.

It is a good thing I am not doing a “Stash report, as I would be horribly in the red!