Leap Year

Yesterday, Carrie of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. gave everyone a free pattern of “Leap Year” for those who have participated in this year’s “Another Year of Schnibbles” (THANK YOU CARRIE!!). It doesn’t even release for the general public until Wednesday for PDF and a couple of weeks in print.

I decided to make one in pink and one in green (yes two of them) because there are two little girls next door that will be moving away next month. They are sisters that play with my daughter all the time. One’s favorite color is pink and the other is green.


They are cute and they were fast. They were also made from stash. This may end up being my “go to” baby quilt when I need one in a hurry, I will just add a couple of more rows

I really should have been working on other things than making two new quilts, but I couldn’t resist these.

8 thoughts on “Leap Year

  1. Love both of them! Awesome! Congrats on winning a gift certificate from the Doc parade, too.

  2. Great children’s quilts — or for anyone, for that matter. I’m sure K. will miss the girls but hopefully some nice kids will move in there.

    • Thank you Lynn. I am hoping so. We are the last in my area to be still here from the original move in when they were all new.

  3. Your quilts are both so pretty! And you definitely won the next race with your speed! Congrats on your win!

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