A Tale of Two Docs

When it came time for the reveal of my Doc quilt, I had wanted to include this photo of my top and Jo-Anne’s top together – it was very interesting to see the way fabric choices affected how the same quilt looked.  But my computer had the cracked screen and I couldn’t get any photos off of it because it was winging its way to the repair facility.


Jo-Anne’s looks so much bigger than mine, though we looked and they are exactly the same size.   I might be tempted to do the same as her, the black and white “cards” but I would have to go with a lime background… Winking smile

Jo-Anne was the lucky recipient of one of the fat quarter bundles – she inspired me to start making schnibbles so I am happy she won.  I won a $15 gift certificate myself – now to figure out what I want to buy…

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Docs

  1. So fun to see two of the same quilt side by side! And so opposite yet both are spectacular quilts!

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