Camping, Day Two

Well, the ice cream in a bag was such a flop, I decided to nix the night of instant pudding in a bag. We will just have the normal s’mores. I was just so tired after dealing with the broken tent, the bad pump for the bed (we ended up buying two twin airbeds with battery pumps just so we could go to sleep last night.

After making the trek to the restroom at 1:30 I noticed out tent caved in a bit. I woke my husband and we fixed it. I was just getting to sleep after that and it started to rain. All over my husband because he was sleeping next to the window.

We wake up around 6 and it starts raining again. I just go back to sleep until 9 am. Then we get up and start the day. Our smaller canopy tent was not holding up to the wind so we take it down. That was the last straw for me.

I decide to drive the hour home ( in traffic) to go get the larger canopy tent. I volunteered to go since I was the one to decide not to bring it. I also figured I would sneak a quick shower. It didn’t sneak well because my hair was still wet when I drove up. Also the trip to McDonald’s wasn’t hidden when my drink wasn’t finished.

The larger canopy Is up and here is the view from inside:


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