Camping, Day Four

Day four of camping turned out to be really nice. Other than the fail of our new coolers that advertised to not to replace ice for 48 hours (we have been having to replace ice every day) it was a great day!

Breakfast was pancakes. We then went down to the beach for most of the day. My view was mostly was this

And this:

Though we had these warning signs

I even went out a couple of times into the water. The first time I tried to boogie board, but when I had the board, the waves were not cooperating. As soon as I gave the board back to my hubby, the waves picked up.

The kids buried me in sand which was a first and then burgers and smores for dinner. Now we are off to play phase ten. Goodnight!

2 thoughts on “Camping, Day Four

  1. Where are you camping? I don’t think I caught that in the first three blogs. Maybe I’m blind. The ocean views in today’s blog would surely tip the scales against any misdventures you’ve had so far while camping. Glad you’re having fun.

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