Indigo Shibori

The day before we left on our camping trip, my guild offered a indigo shibori class at the education chair’s house.

I had never done Indigo dyeing or Shibori, so it was a wonderful opportunity to be able to take this class.  Fortunately, this is a recurring class (there is always tons of interest in the class and only 10 people are allowed in the class at a time, I have already signed up for the class in November – though there are two other classes in before that one.

Here are my results:


This one was made using larger vase rocks and rubber bands


This one was smaller vase rocks in the center, marbles, and then golf balls.


I didn’t like the way this one came out at first – almost white with blue only where it is dark.  I put it back in the indigo vat for about 15 seconds to get it a light blue.


I like the texture of this one and the one below.



This one was my favorite.  I do wish I had folded it different though so that the blue was more consistent. 


This piece was the main reason I took the class.  I wanted a nice piece of dark indigo solid to go with my arrowhead quilt for the border.