Sarah’s Revival Block 2


This week’s BOM Rehab is my block two for Sarah’s Revival.  I got it done early in the week, which was good since I was in a class all day Tuesday – Friday.  No, not a fun quilting class, but a class that my husband had to take that as a spouse, I could take as well; military retirement.  Basically, a class to teach him what benefits that are available and possibly available to him upon retirement from the military.   They encourage spouses to attend so that if we have questions, we can ask.  Also, it seems that with the amount of information available, the military may not remember everything.  For me this means we are within a year of military retirement.  We are able to take the class again within the six months mark.

Back to the block I did for this week’s Sarah’s Revival quilt.



In other news, I got a new phone.  I no longer have an iPhone.  Last week when we were in our classes, the Verizon store was nearby and we walked in to see what was available.  We walked out with new phones.  They gave us a really nice amount for our iPhones – basically enough to buy the phones and some accessories.  I am now sporting a Droid Incredible.  The above photo was taken with my phone camera – an 8 mp camera with a nice lens.