This is how I have been feeling lately about quilting.  Nothing is inspireing me.  I dont feel like working on any of my projects. 

I go into my sewing room and sit there.  I go through the motions of trying to organize things, but I really dont feel like being in there. Some applique is going on in the livingroom, but not really.  I feel in a slump.  I dont know if it is due to the pressures of my kids being out of school and it starting next week, or the fact that my husband is working different hours, he now leaves for work at 8:30 instead of 5:30 ruining the time I like to sew.  It could also be the fact that my house is a mess and I feel I can’t get caught up on the housework, then I feel guilty if I go sew instead of cleaning.

Hopefully I will get out of this slump soon!