End of Week Two

Two weeks of school have gone by and I am now into the flow of things.  I still don’t have a lot of extra time, but I do have more than the first week.

Here is my assignment book for the first week:


I had a lot of work to do, especially in Anatomy, because I started a week late – on the last day of add/drop.

Week two was a bit better… but a few tests (green):


You can really see where I am really anal about things.  Green is for test days so I know to study and be extra early to class, pink is if I have an assignment that is due the next week – after I flip the page, I won’t see it again..  If I don’t manage to get it done during that week, I put a pink post-it flag sticking up on the side, so that I can make sure to go back to it.  Orange is to remind me if I need to bring something to class that I don’t normally put in my bag.

A good thing about going back to school – my son is seeing that things really do get harder the further you go.  Also the fact that if you don’t have good study skills early, you will have a much harder time later.  He saw how I organized my planner and he liked it.  Now… if he is actually doing it, is another matter.  He did ask for some post-it flags and different colored highlighters so he could mark things like I do that I need to go back to.  If that is all he does, at least it is a start and he is armed to be more organized.  (I LOVE office supplies and things to make me more organized!!)

I managed to spend a little time with family this week, so things are really looking up.  Tuesday is my first test in anatomy – and I am really stressing about that.

The bad news though: I am going to be going on hiatus after this quarter.  I found out my husband is wanting to move back to the mainland much earlier than I had thought. We will be moving early summer. I will wait until after our move to go back to school.  That actually works out better because the program I really wanted to go for is in San Antonio where we are moving to. 

I will then get to enjoy our last few months in Hawaii without being so stressed by school on top of the stress of having to move.