Still Busy


I am still busy as a bee with school.  I will be back soon though.  I believe I am making strait A’s in all of my classes right now.  We are at mid-term and the classes are getting ready to go into high gear.  I have major projects for two of my classes; one for Medical Terminology, I have to give a 5-7 minute slid-show presentation on a particular topic that was assigned to us.  Mine is “How to read a Nutrition Label” and include medical terms and I have to pretend my audience is patients.  For Business I have to do a research paper.  We have been working on it in parts, but we only have one more part to do and compile it.  It is a major part of the grade. 

Math is math.  I only meet once a week for four hours (Friday’s) and it is ok.  I am rusty in math, but getting better.  We are not allowed to use calculators, so it is pure brain power… ugh.  Software is a breeze for me; we have done Word, Excel, and a little on Access.  We are moving on to PowerPoint next week.  Anatomy is my killer class.  We just had our second test yesterday.  I believe I made a B on it. 

After finals week (the first week of October) this blog should resume it’s normal content of quilting.  I have not even touched any fabric since school started other than to move it off my desk.  My sewing machine has been covered up for weeks and my cutting station has been cleared to be used as a desk for my laptop and books.  I certainly can’t wait to get back to some sewing.  I have been enjoying classes and can’t wait to continue after we move, but maybe then I will not go so “gung ho” and have a LITTLE time to myself!