Baby Bounce

October’s “Schnibble” is Bounce by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  While it is not a schnibble, it was one by the same designer. 

I chose to make it smaller and all monochromatic.  I have a friend that recently gave birth to a boy and I needed to make a baby quilt for the baby.  I really loved the way the borders were on this quilt and I also figured I would kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

The grass was a little too wet for me to put a quilt on it this morning for me to get a picture on the grass – but here is my “Bounce(ing) Baby Boy”



I pulled most of the blues from my stash.  A friend gave me a few blues to help get me up to 12 so that each star could be different.  I am just noticing how much that white was fraying in the picture above… which is weird because that is Moda Bella Bleached White.  hmm – oh well, it will be fine once it gets quilted (hopefully next week).

I have been busy lately – not a whole lot of quilting/piecing going on… hubby came back from a short deployment and we have been spending family time together.  I felt so bad about not spending a lot of time with the kids while I was in school and then hubby comes home and we normally spend time together as a family doing stuff (even if it is just watching TV together), that  I have hardly been in the sewing room when he is home from work.

We did go to the beach about a week ago:


We let the kids each bring a friend and spent the day at our favorite beach – Bellows AFS Beach.

I tend to sit under the popup shade and watch the kids play and read.  I brought my new tablet with me but I “hacked” a waterproof cover; a large ziploc bag.  It works for what I want it to do; keep the moisture and sand off my tablet. 


Yes, it is no longer an iPad.  We ended up giving that one to “G”.  I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but my husband wanted an android tablet instead of the iPad, so he got that one.  I got a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet.  It made more sense for me to get the one that I will be able to use at school when I return and this one will be better for that. 

3 thoughts on “Baby Bounce

  1. I love the name, too, and I already said I love the quilt (on facebook.) I miss Bellows…. Maybe I should say that I miss Hawaii and all my friends there, too!

  2. Your blue baby Bounce quilt is beautiful! I love that you went with all blues 🙂 Family time after deployment is always a good thing! The beach looks like fun 🙂

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