Little Monsters

We started the designated two hour interval of trick-or-treating with a HUGE cauldron of candy (3 huge mix bags from Costco – 150 pieces each).

2012-10-31 18.09.57

We then sent two of our own monsters out into the neighborhood (with friends’ families).

One was an old guy waiting on the tsunami to get here (if you didn’t know we had a tsunami warning on Saturday night that didn’t amount to much)



He is wearing my aerobics belt, some arm floats’ (really my leg “weights for aerobics) and has a pool noodle. 

We also had Slenderman’s wife:




We decided that Slenderman’s wife neeeded to be pretty and have pink hair.  She used her brother’s cape from last year’s bloody skeleton costume (I cut the length of it so she wouldn’t be tripping all the time) and one of her brother’s black t-shirts on backwards to hide the graphics.

The only thing we spent on costumes was the makeup.

An hour and 45 minutes later, we get back our monsters with their own candy and our candy is gone… not sure that was a fair trade…. Winking smile


Hope you had a Happy Halloween.