I am a Winner!

My November Schnibbles was a winner!!  My name was drawn to win an awesome prize from Carrie Nelson (of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company fame!) from Sinta’s and Sherri’s parade!

This came in the Mail on Monday afternoon:


There was no doubt about the contents of the package once I saw this:


I knew exactly what was inside… or so I thought.

Boy is Carrie VERY GENEROUS!!

Not only did I receive a gorgeous bundle of fat eighth’ of MARMALADE – which is perfect.  I was wanting to buy this but since my husband is retiring from the military next summer, I am pinching pennies and trying to be a really good girl and not buy anything – not to mention the fact that I am also moving back to the mainland next summer too.



When I opened the box there was other things inside:


Her brand new Crumbler template (which I can’t wait to try out!! and was thinking of asking Santa to put it in my stocking!)

There was also this in the box.


What could it be?  Let’s get a closer look at the tag on it:


Now, Moda is my absolute FAVORITE fabric company (hint, hint moda… if your listening Winking smile – I will definitely love to “test” some fabrics out for you… Smile ).  I was intrigued by the little tag and was wondering what was inside…  Let’s see, shall we?


Two cute striped kitchen towels.  Christmasy!

Also these:


Aren’t they adorable? 

Thank you SO MUCH Carrie! May you have a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Awesome! I learned first hand myself how generous Carrie can be! How cool that she sent a Crumbler! I’m asking Santa for one myself.

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