Tablet Stand

Before Christmas, I came across a quick and easy stand tutorial for my tablet (you can use this for an iPad too!).  I am forever wanting to listen to Pandora Music or Watch TV (Using the app from my cable company) or just not have to print out a pattern and be able to look at the instructions there.

Here is mine:

2012-12-22 19.41.18

I made mine with a solid piece of fabric and made a few changes.  I do plan on re-making it because for my tablet, the dimensions were a little big. Either that or I didn’t buy enough of the pellets that I changed to instead of just plain batting.  But for a first try it wasn’t bad.  I even took it up to my bedroom when I was wrapping Christmas gifts and was able to watch TV (we rarely watch TV in the bedroom so we discontinued the cable box for in there… the TV is old and doesn’t work well anyway – the same in the sewing room).  With being able to watch things on our tablets, we really don’t need to go to that expense to buy new TV’s and cable boxes when we can just have our own individual things.

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