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A little over a week ago, I saw someone (sorry, I forgot who) talk about these on their blog:

Ziploc® Brand Flexible Totes

I went on the hunt for them.  They had said they were available on Amazon.  I put some in my cart (I had to buy some new blades anyway) and when I went to checkout this appeared: “Sorry we can not ship this to this address”.  UGH!  So a little online searching resulted in me finding some at my local Target – A place I really try to avoid looking around.  I go in, get what I need, and get out.  If I just walk around, too many things jump into my cart and I am surprised when I get to the checkout lane how much my bill is!

Anyway, I only picked up two.  I decided I would open one (at nearly $10 a pop with a horrible return policy, I didn’t want to open more than one so I could return the other if it didn’t work out – plus, I wasn’t sure how big they were, nowhere online showed dimensions of the item opened up). and test it.  Oh my!  It held a TON of quilts.  The trick was to fold them right.  They also have mesh near the top so they “breathe” – they are not completely closed like the other “giant ziploc bags”.  I sent hubby back to Target (and he wandered around and partook of some after-Christmas specials) and had him pick up two more on his way home from work.  Four totes were able to corral 15-16 quilts of various sizes:


It looks so much better up there!

While I was at Target, I picked up supplies to make some magazine holders because the area my magazines were in, was really getting overrun and hard to find things.

Here is the new solution.  I cropped out the other unorganized portions of my “wall of crap”. 


Here is a panorama photo (I was testing the panoramic setting on my phone’s camera” – the room is a mess) of my sewing area. You can see in the upper corner of the “wall of crap” the way the quilts were stored before.  The shelf above the two drawers is where my magazines were stored.


2012-10-27 08.26.16

I am sorta organizing and purging stuff because we are moving to San Antonio this summer.  I am culling things I won’t ever use (very little stuff…lol) but mainly just organizing it for the move so when the packers come in, things get put in correct boxes and I will be able to find things easier (I hope) once we move and unpack).

4 thoughts on “Storage Solutions

  1. Those ‘totes’ look great! I’m going to have to go searching for them this week. Were they in the laundry section or the section with the other ziploc bags??

  2. I love that you “cropped the crap!” Don’t you wish it was so easy in real life? I have yet to buy any of those ziplocks, but they are getting more tempting.

  3. Wow! I’ve not seen those! I love the fact they breathe. I guess this ole gal will be on the hunt for them too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. So, I was just browsing the other day and saw this post about the totes. Today I went to Long’s to buy a box of snack sized zip locks and guess what was on the shelf above, on SPECIAL??? I came home with 2 of each size. $4.99/$5.99 on ad. You are such a good sales person. See you at guild. Jo

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