My Quilt Database

On Jan 2, Mollie posted about how she keeps track of her quilts finished.  I had been doing posts and then updating the page whenever I got a chance, because it was a tedious process because it was two separate pages, each using a funky html table.

I spent all of this morning making my own Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of my quilts. Thank you Mollie for showing yours and giving me ideas on how to set mine up.  I remembered how that because I use a self-hosted WordPress blog, that I could add a plugin to be able to display the spreadsheet on a page.  So if you look above I have updated the links.  One now says “Projects”.  It is an embedding of my spreadsheet.  Whenever I update the spreadsheet, it will update there as well.  One step nirvana!  Again, Thanks Mollie for the inspiration!

Just a quick note though, you can choose between three different spreadsheet pages – Started this year, works in progress, and completed projects.


I can’t believe- I have 101 104 listed completed projects (I have discovered a few of my very early quilts from 2000-2002 that were completed were not listed) !  I have 40 WIPs listed (2 abandoned and 9 donated to charity), and then one as starting new items this year.

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