Getting it Done–January




Here was my list for January:

1.  Quilt Baby Bounce

2. Quilt Drop

3. Make another Tablet Stand

4. Finish the top for Arrowhead

What of that did I get done?  With each one, click the photos to go to more information about each project.

1.  Yes.   Baby Bounce was quilted, and bound too.


2. Yes.  Drop was quilted, and bound too!


3.  Tablet Stand.  Yes.  Another one was made.


4.  Top for Arrowhead.  Nope.  But it was worked on.  I have one more row to add and the borders and it will be completed.  So it was worked on, just ran out of time.

So what is for February you ask?

1.  Finish Arrowhead

2.  Work on my challenge quilt for the guild.  Unfortunately, no photos can be posted of this until mid-May when the participants are reveiled.

3. Quilt Prairie Paisley

4  Quilt 39 and Holding


Good luck with all of your jobs.  Head to see Judy L. to see what other’s are making and join in on the fun!

2 thoughts on “Getting it Done–January

  1. You did really a great job on your goals. Your baby bounce quilt is just perfect and thanks for sharing the tablet stand link.

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