Sarah’s Revival–Block 7

With my sewing machines packed and on a crate heading towards Texas, I am left with just handwork to do.  The only project I kept out was my Sarah’s Revival blocks.

The only problem with that was I didn’t keep a lamp and the lighting isn’t very cooperative most days to work on it.

I did, however, manage to get one block finished.

2013-05-30 18.06.11

It is still wrinkly since I don’t have an iron to press it right now.

On to block 9 (I started block 8 and I clipped the background fabric really well, so I will have to re-prep block 8).

One thought on “Sarah’s Revival–Block 7

  1. Kim, if you have an IKEA store handy they have a very cool lamp for $10 with LED (or similar) bulb. 2 versions, desk top and clamp. Both have a long crook neck and can be wound down to a small size. I have one that stays in my sewing room and one in my Tutto. BTW, your block is beautiful. You’ll have a great Hawaiian quilt in the end.

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