From Texas

Sorry for the long absence from the blog; my family has moved from Hawaii to Texas.  We are still in the traveling phase of our move while we visit friends and family we haven’t seen in a long time.

Our last day in our house was the 6th of June.  We flew from Honolulu to Oakland on the 12th of June.  We have been traveling since.

Our stops were:

Oakland to San Diego:  we went to the San Diego Zoo and had a blast.  The drive through LA was not fun.  It took us a VERY LONG TIME to go from North LA to South LA, mainly because we ended up there on a Friday afternoon.


San Diego to Phoenix:  We visited some friends just outside of Phoenix.  We saw temperatures (according to our car) of 114 degrees.


Phoenix to Carlsbad, NM.  We had every intention of going to see the Carlsbad Caverns, but we were all road weary and starting to catch colds that everyone said we should just sit in the hotel and rest.

Carlsbad, NM to San Antonio TX.    We stopped in Midland, TX for lunch and met a friend from HI who lives near there now.  It was great catching up.  San Antonio the first time was a quick trip to check on our cats and visit family really quick.

San Antonio to Houston:  We had several stops in the Houston area to visit friends.  We also went to an Astro’s game where my son got two batting practice balls.

Houston to East Texas:  where I am now.   Visiting my sister and my dad.   Where I have been asked to make chicken and dumplings later today.