May UFO – Star Crazy

Here is my May UFO, Star Crazy

I started it last year and completed the top within a month. It was a quilt that twelve or so of us bought on sale from Superior Threads.

I over-dyed the backing fabric. It is the same white-on-white on the front, that I over-dyed shades of green. The next time I dye a backing though, I will piece the back before I dye it so that the seam lines are not as noticeable.

I quilted this on my Janome 6600 in Lime Green Masterpiece thread. The quilt is about 85″ square.

April & May UFO Challenge

April has come and gone, and it was the first month, I didn’t complete my goals for the challenge.  I did manage to piece the backing, sandwich the quilt and also quilt it.  It didn’t get bound.  That is on my list of things to do this weekend – maybe.

Why haven’t I done it?  After I sandwiched the four tops last week, I quilted three of them, including Sparkling Gemstones, which was my UFO for April.  While I had the tables set up, I had decided I would quilt all six tops I had sandwiched – which are: Sparkling Gemstones, Bali Pop Quilt, Summer Day, Autumn Star Struck, Star Crazy, and Paris in the Fall.  So I will be quilting all of them and putting binding on all of them while the extra table is set up in my sewing room.

Currently, Star Crazy, is under the needle; May’s UFO.

April UFO

The number 10 was picked for April – for me that is my Sparkling Gemstones quilt.

I think I have to get backing for this one.  I may be able to find something in the stash though.


I know it has been a while since I posted.  Part of the reason I was soo tired from getting all the tsunami quilts done.  Part of the reason is that when I have been sewing, I have been working on some secret projects that I can’t talk about right now.  Hopefully soon, I can get those done and work on things that I can talk about.  Some of them are gifts, so when they are given, I will post about them.

Tsunami Quilts–The Obsession Continues

(pt 3)

Bolstered by the fact that I knocked a UFO off so quickly, I decided to do that to my March UFO (#8).  The blocks were already done.  I couldn’t come up with a setting – the whole reason it was a UFO to begin with.  So why not just quilt them and be done with my March UFO?

Done!  Something knocked off my list and given to a good cause! I was rocking with the “high” of those things.

Here they are:


These were made several years ago and my piecing has improved a lot since then. 

Again.  I could have stopped here.  This gave me 30 quilts that I could turn in at the March guild meeting.  That would have been awesome right there.  6 would have been great.  18, marvelous. 30… awesome.

Sometimes… I see my O.C.D. coming from a mile away.  This time, it hit me upside the head and kept at it.  I was obsessed and on a mission to get to 50. Don’t ask me why. 50 sounded like a nice round number. I was insane and crazy and obsessed.  More obsession to come…

March UFO Announced

The UFO number for this month is #8 and for me that is “Spring Sanctuary”

Here is one of the blocks.  More can be found here:

These blocks were from a “Patchwork Party” a few years ago.  I think we were still living in WA state at the time.I have all the blocks completed, which is great.

What I have yet to do on this:

  • Design a setting.  I am not so keen on the design I chose for it, so I want to come up with something for it that utilizes what fabric I have. 
  • Piece the quilt top.

All I have slated to do for the UFO is get it to flimsy status. But if I get a chance to sandwich and quilt it, I will to get it completely off my shelf.