Hearth & Home BOM – Month 2

I worked on Hearth and Home Block of the month today as well.

I did blocks 3 & 4.

The first block I completed turned out quite well.  Again, my pictures are fuzzy for some reason.


I also thought my second block came out ok.  I kept messing up on it, but nothing more than turned patches. 


Or so I thought.

Until I stacked them on top of one another to put them away…


That is a good 3/4” discrepancy in the block.  It measures less than 11” square.  I don’t know what happened.  I guess I will have to call The Fat Quarter Shop to see if I can get another block mailed to me.

Hearth & Home BOM – Month 1, Block 2

 hearth & home 001

Yea!  I just got these in the mail yesterday and they are already completed for the month!  I have also found that I should just redraw these in EQ and then print the templates to match up with my Marti Michell templates and not use their directions.  I tend to do much better with my own way of doing this than following other’s directions.

On to another project today – can I get caught up with my 2009 designer mystery bom?  We shall see.

Hearth & Home BOM – Month 1, Block 1


This block was fiddly.  This was my second attempt at this block.  I was happy that there was enough fabric to re-do the block.  One seam didn’t match up really well- I can see that now in the photo.




This neat little tool was made by my friend Susan’s husband.  It is a nifty little thing.  It helps when you chain piece to cut the units apart quickly.


Last, but not least… a cute Easter treat from my secret pal through the guild…  Kona solid charm pack, flower head pins, and a seam ripper (because you can never have too many)