At It Again

Yes.  I did it.  I started another project.

I got my Frosted Windowpanes quilt kit in the mail yesterday and couldn’t even pause long enough to take a picture of the kit before I broke into it.  I told myself I was just going to look at the pattern to see how difficult it was.  I would just look at all the different fabrics to make sure they were all there.  Then I would just sort them into colors instead of being mixed up.

Yea.  Ok.

At 5pm I was cutting into it.  By 8 pm (and had to pause to cook dinner and eat) –  I have 40 3″ 9-patch blocks.

I Need Professional Help

Before Christmas I had asked Santa (aka The Fat Quarter Shop) for the Glace Frosted Windowpane Quilt Kit from The Fat Quarter Shop.

Well, I didn’t win.  I was perusing the website (a really bad thing for me to do, I know).  I wasn’t even going to consider buying it when it was at regular price.  If I had won it, great, but I really didn’t need the new project.  Well… it is now 40% off.   Yep.  I bought it.  Since technically I ordered it before the new year, it is not interfering with my goal of  no new projects for a while.

I need help.  Professional Help.