Rebekah’s Fancy

My neighbor Rebekah moved this past weekend back to the mainland.  In addition to being an awesome neighbor and friend, we were blessed with some of the things they didn’t want to move with them; their grill among many other things.  It is timely because we were debating buying a new grill because ours was starting to rust really bad (the salty air is not good for grills here!) but didn’t want to spend a lot of money for just under two years.  While the movers will move them, the cleaning requirements is just unreal for them.

Rebekah LOVES purple.  She constantly joked with me that she wanted me to make her a quilt.  She never really expected it (especially when her move came very suddenly).  It was always my intention to teach her to quilt.  She showed interest, but with a younger daughter and then last year home-schooling her children, it wasn’t a possibility. 

When I found out she was moving a few weeks ago, I really wanted to make her a quilt.  I looked in my stash, naturally, for something purple.  I really didn’t have anything.  Then I was organizing some older projects and came across the blocks for this.  They have been finished for a few years (like four) just awaiting the perfect setting for the quilt. 

I never bought the finishing kit for this BOM quilt.  I had bought several yards of the white fabric that is in it because I lucked upon it when I was out shopping one time when we lived in Washington.  I decided it was time to finish it and give it to her.  I even had the perfect backing and binding fabric that was accidentally bought a few months ago .  I thought it was a different color online and bought enough for another project.  It was meant to be!


After I showed it at guild this past Monday night, I was coming home and she and her husband was in their garage finishing up last minute things before the packers came the next day.  Though I had planned on giving it to her in a gift bag, the opportunity was perfect.  That way if she wanted to pack it with her household goods she could.

We will miss having you as a neighbor, Rebekah!

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms BOM Top

One of the quilt tops I got done during my hiatus was my Tomorrow’s Heirlooms Top.


I have had the blocks completed for a while, I just never knew how I wanted to set them.  I never bought the finishing kit, and frankly I didn’t like it.  But in retrospect, I should have bought it just so I could have gotten the hydrangea fabric for an outer border.  I had bought matching white-on-white fabric just on a whim – I am glad I did.

These blocks were started in 2005.  I had been on a year-long hiatus when I was in Washington State.  I wanted something easy to start back on after so long.  It was a Marti Michell Block-of-the-Month.  The blocks are not “easy” per se from aspect that there are a lot of pieces, but with the templates to be used, it was easy because of the cutting was more accurate and the kits were already there.

I finished the blocks in 2007 shortly after we moved to Hawaii.  They then set waiting for me to have the “perfect” setting for them.  I never really could find it.  Nothing hit me with it.

Fast forward to about a week ago.  I had bought new containers for my projects to go in my shelves, and while I was transferring the projects to the new containers, I came across these blocks again.  I decided I would set them simply and make a wall-hanging of them.  I have a purple mottled backing fabric that I bought by accident online that would be perfect for this.  I will use the same fabric to bind the quilt.

Another Un-intended Hiatus

I am such a bad blogger.  I can’t seem to blog with regularity anymore.  The last you heard I had made my awesome miPad case.  I also made a coordinating cell phone/camera case (no photos yet).  Shortly after, my laptop was giving me fits, so I had to send it in.

During that time I completed 3 new tops.  They were already started (as in the blocks were done) and all I had to do was put them together.  I also quilted two quilts.  And bound them.  By hand.  Yep.  I got a lot done.  No photos of the quilts yet though.

Last Saturday, I cut batting for probably about 15 tops. With the intentions of getting as many sandwiched as I could with my gross (1,444) of pins.  I will probably order another two gross of pins soon – you can never have too many pins.

Then I threw my back out.  It still is not feeling its best.  It hurts if I move certain ways or too quickly.  I am just resting a lot.  I wish I had something to bind by hand because there are only so many reruns of NCIS or CSI you can watch in a day.

So instead of complaining about my back, I am going to post a teaser of the tops I got completed (plus one I never got a photo of).


Paris in the Fall:CIMG0487

Star Crazy:CIMG0488

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms:CIMG0489

So look for the posts in the next few days.  Yes, they will be there because they will be auto-posted.