2012 Quilt Challenge

Pattern:  by Erin Russek
Size: 13″ x 13
Methods of Construction:  Hand Applique, Hand Embellshed,  Hand Quilting, Machine Piecing.
Fabrics used:  various Batik fabrics

Completed April 2012

This quilt was created for last year’s guild challenge.  The theme was applique and embellishment.  Both of the things in quilting that I have not ever done before.  I was actually afraid of appliqueing by hand – though you could do any type of applique you wanted for the challenge. You can see the other challenge quilts for 2012 here.

I chose the pattern from the blog One Block at a Time by Erin Russek.  She offers a free applique block of the month pattern every year.  I had long admired the patterns, but was not sure I could do them myself.  I bit the bullet and reduced the pattern size to ¼ to fit the challenge requirements.  My friend JoAnne taught me how to back-baste applique and I was off and running on this quilt.

This quilt was the jumping off for me to do hand applique.  While still not my favorite way to create a quilt, it is relaxing sometimes and is extremely portable.


12 Days of Summer

Pattern:  12 Days of Christmas by Temecula Quilt Co.
Size:  14″ x 17.5″
Methods of Construction:  Machine Piecing, Machine Quilting.
Fabrics used:  Prairie Paisley II by Minick and Simpson for Moda Fabrics

Completed January 2012

This quilt, offered by Temecula Quilt Co. on their blog as a free Block of the Day mystery, was very fun to make.  I was able to use one charm pack for the quilt.

As each block was presented, the number of the day corresponded to the number of patches in the block. So block one has one patch and block twelve has twelve patches.  I took the pattern one step further – there are no repeating fabrics in the quilt blocks – each block has completely different fabrics.

I did not set the quilt blocks according to the pattern.  Since there were so many quilts in blog-land with the same pattern, I wanted to set it in an original setting.  In the end, I chose a simple 3 x 4 layout with sashing.  The border is ½” finished squares.

This was a fun quilt to make and I looked forward to the new pattern each day to see what the mystery quilt would turn out to be.



Pattern:  Pineapple Tidbits by Buggy Barn
Size:  53” x 57”
Methods of Construction:  Machine Piecing, Machine Quilting.
Fabrics used:  hand dyed fabrics

Completed November 2010

In September 2010, I took a class offered by the guild to learn how to hand dye fabrics taught by Joan Santoro.  I had a lot of fun in the class.  While taking the class, I talked to my friend JoAnne that I had always wanted to make the pattern Pineapple Tidbits by The Buggy Barn, and had always thought that hand-dyes would make it beautiful.  She agreed and we decided to both make the quilt and dye our own fabrics to make it.

I dyed the greens, oranges, and backing for the quilt in October.  JoAnn and I then met to make the quilt.  I completed the top in November 2010.  It did not take long for me to complete the quilt after the top was done – less than a month.  I showed the quilt in the 2011 Hawaii Quilt Guild Show.

It remains one of my favorite quilts.  I have reduced the pattern size to make a smaller sized block for when I need an “Aloha” quilt block for someone leaving the island.



Pattern:  Charming by Anka’s Treasures
Size: 26″ x 32″    
Methods of Construction:  Machine Applique, Machine Quilting.
Fabrics used:  various scrap fabrics

Completed July 2009

This little quilt was made with scrap fabrics from my stash.  The pattern was offered for free on a blog.  I thought it was a very darling quilt.  I had always loved the look of applique, but was too scared to try it.  For this quilt I tried machine applique.  This quilt was also some of my first free-motion machine quilting.

This quilt represents a growth of skills.  Some of these skills I would have never tried without the inspiration of others.  I also did something with this quilt I had never done before; I made it entirely out of scraps.

I have had this quilt hanging in my living room since it was completed several years ago.  I had not planned on it hanging in the show (the reason it is not in the program), but I had accidentally included it in with my quilts that I brought to the show to hang.  Wendy, the chair of the show, said it should be in there, so it is!


A Little Patience

Pattern:  Anita’s Arrowhead
Size: 45” x 59″    
Methods of Construction:  Machine Piecing, Machine Quilting.
Fabrics used:  Hand Dyes

Completed May 2012

This quilt was made with Indigo Shibori fabrics that a friend made  (the blues) and hand dyes that I made (the reds).

My friend Wendy Pulsifer made not only the Indigo fabrics from the blocks, but also the border Indigo and the backing was made by Wendy as well!  I had the Indigo  fabrics for a long time before I found the perfect pattern for the quilt.  The pattern, Anita’s Arrowhead  seemed to be perfect once I added a red hand-dye to it (which was an adventure to dye!).

I named this quilt “A Little Patience” because I definitely needed a little patience to work on it.   Between the bias edges of each block, the new quilting technique I used, and the running out of fabric for binding just as I was about to bind it… it screamed for me to be patient!

I want to thank Wendy for encouraging me to finish this particular quilt for the show and the gift of the backing fabric!