A Sad Good Bye

Last weekend, was the last ever “Sassy S&B Quilters” Bee.  I had been running it for 5 1/2 years.

It started in my kitchen with 7 members as the “Sassy S&B Pinup Quilters” about 6 months after I moved to Hawaii.  We had  sewing sleepovers (mini-retreats) at friends’ houses that we laughed all weekend.  We each had our own “pinup girl” to represent us.


562609_442942722466346_1265892521_nFour of the Original Sassy Members that was left on the island –Sue L., Me, Stacy, and Mary – the other three had already moved-Mary Ruth, Sally, and Sue H.

We had moved the venue 3 more times to different locations – each to a larger location because we were outgrowing the location we were at – to different community centers that I was able to rent due to living in military housing.  Near the end, we were averaging 15-20 ladies a month, with about 30 on the list of participants that would come.

Since I am due to move in a few months, the last bee was to be held the weekend after my birthday.  In normal tradition – everyone made a block for my “Aloha” quilt.

10014_442943145799637_1573185826_n (1)

Each person made a “Hawaiian Girl” to represent themselves.  I will be taking photos of each individual block later so each one is shown more closely.  Some of them was so intricate; I can look at the block and without reading the name know who made them.  Blocks were even made by past Sassy S&B Quilters and sent for the quilt!

Here is a group photo of everyone.


The little quilts are an “Aloha Quilt” for everyone who was there so that they got their own Aloha quilt.  Maureen made them for everyone.



Sue L.  made everyone a little coaster.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of the Sassy S&B Quilters Bee over the years to make my time in Hawaii Enjoyable.  I looked forward to the bee day every month! 

A few gifts

I generally make gifts for everyone that attends my bee in December.  Last year, I made everyone a lanyard.  The year before, tiny treat bags.

This year, I made everyone chap stick holders.  They can be clipped into the purse or on a keychain to be found easier.


I also made this tray out of peppermint candies – I then put cookies on it for our potluck bee. 



Joanne’s Aloha Quilt

The bee I host monthly seems to have a lot of ladies moving recently. When you have about 50 in your group, it is bound to happen, especially at summertime.

This quilt was made for JoAnne. Her theme was antique patriotic colors with stars.

Here is my block. I had to make a patriotic pineapple. Why, you ask? We both worked on our pineapple quilts together. Here is mine and thought she had hers on her blog, but I couldn’t find it. Hers turned out more softer in shade than mine and very pretty.

And the label…


Some of the ladies that made blocks in the quilt. I put together the top, quilted, and bound the quilt.


We will miss you JoAnne… At least there is still Facebook and blogs to keep in touch by!

Joan S’s Quilt

It seems like a lot of our bee members are moving off-island. This is Joan S and her quilt. Susan made the top and quilted this one.

And here is my block. Again, I had to put lime green with my block. The pattern was Anita’s arrowhead and Joan wanted Aloha fabrics.

Joan was not able to make it to the last bee, so we gave it to her during the last guild meeting’s break.

We will miss you Joan!

Gift For Kristin

The tradition for the ladies in my bee to make a block for whomever is leaving the island to get an aloha quilt.

This one is Kristin’s. She joined the Sassy S&B quilters when we were a “young group of 9 quilters” and meeting in my house. She has been with us through several moves to new locations as we grew in size. The monthly reminder list stands at about 50 ladies with anywhere from 20-30 ladies showing up each month.

Here she is after opening the quilt. We normally give the quilt at the bees while everyone is there, but I mixed up dates and did not have it ready in time. I was fortunate to be able to see here before she moved off-island, but after her movers packed her belongings up.

here is the quilt. I set the eight blocks that were all mushroom themed to where it looked like they were pieces of art arranged on a wall.

Here is my block. I had to try and get lime green in there somewhere… Of course!

The label and the cute mushroom fabric I ordered especially for the back of the quilt.

We will miss you Kristin!