Happy Valentines Day!

21 years ago today, my best friend asked me to be his Valentine.  17 years ago (on the 2nd of February) we got married. 

My dear husband came home from work today carrying this. It states” Thank you for being there all these years…”


He was a little upset with me though.  I have a standing “appointment” on the second Tuesday of the month (oddly enough named… 2nd Tuesday Bee).  Sunday, Max was asking me what my plans were for the day and I said that I had the bee and that I would be gone most of the morning.  He had planned for them to be delivered and there were only two windows, both of which I would have been gone for various reasons – sometimes a stay at home mom doesn’t stay at home all day. He had to brave the Navy Exchange on a holiday – AND a payday to boot to pick them up.  Thanks love!

My daughter came home with this – it was too cute:


It is a large “Rolo” candy with a Hershey’s kiss for the point. 

This is what I got my husband for Valentine’s Day:


I got him a mount for his World of Warcraft characters – but it was what he wanted….

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

That is Hawaiian for Happy New Year!

My sewing machine is having a “spa treatment” (aka being serviced to make it to its best). A part in the bobbin area broke.  The tension was WAY off and it was not sewing very well at all.

It is a Janome 6500.  I want to name it.  I have had it a while, but since she is going to be my travel machine only in a few months, I feel I owe it to her.  She has been through a lot.  She has been faithful to me.  She keeps on ticking after the beating she has gotten (a cracked screen because my daughter sat on my case when she was in it).  I snapped off a spool holder when I had left a cone of thread on it when I put it in the case.  So she needs a name that is a strong name.  Something that has character!  Any ideas?

Yep, you probably guessed it, I will be getting a new machine in February.  My big surprise from “Santa” was permission to buy a new machine when our tax refund gets here.  I will be getting a Janome 6600.  Why not a Horizon, you ask?

Well, many reasons.  If I had known when I was buying my 6500 that the 6600 was coming out, I would have waited a bit.  Secondly, I have all the accessories (case, sew-ezi table, etc) that fit the 6500 and the 6600 is the same size and shape as the 6500 so I don’t have to go buying more stuff to fit it. Lastly, the price difference between the 6600 and the horizon is just too much.  I can’t wait until I am able to go down and get it! 

Rebekah’s Fancy

My neighbor Rebekah moved this past weekend back to the mainland.  In addition to being an awesome neighbor and friend, we were blessed with some of the things they didn’t want to move with them; their grill among many other things.  It is timely because we were debating buying a new grill because ours was starting to rust really bad (the salty air is not good for grills here!) but didn’t want to spend a lot of money for just under two years.  While the movers will move them, the cleaning requirements is just unreal for them.

Rebekah LOVES purple.  She constantly joked with me that she wanted me to make her a quilt.  She never really expected it (especially when her move came very suddenly).  It was always my intention to teach her to quilt.  She showed interest, but with a younger daughter and then last year home-schooling her children, it wasn’t a possibility. 

When I found out she was moving a few weeks ago, I really wanted to make her a quilt.  I looked in my stash, naturally, for something purple.  I really didn’t have anything.  Then I was organizing some older projects and came across the blocks for this.  They have been finished for a few years (like four) just awaiting the perfect setting for the quilt. 

I never bought the finishing kit for this BOM quilt.  I had bought several yards of the white fabric that is in it because I lucked upon it when I was out shopping one time when we lived in Washington.  I decided it was time to finish it and give it to her.  I even had the perfect backing and binding fabric that was accidentally bought a few months ago .  I thought it was a different color online and bought enough for another project.  It was meant to be!


After I showed it at guild this past Monday night, I was coming home and she and her husband was in their garage finishing up last minute things before the packers came the next day.  Though I had planned on giving it to her in a gift bag, the opportunity was perfect.  That way if she wanted to pack it with her household goods she could.

We will miss having you as a neighbor, Rebekah!


My husband recently took a trip to Japan and came back with some gifts for us.  My daughter got a Barbie and my son got some Japanese Pokémon cards (which just made his day!).  My husband brought me this:


Which was a bunch of itty bitty legos. 


It took me a bit (especially since I can’t read Japanese), but I finished it.


He also brought back these two puzzles also:


I think I will wait a bit until I tackle these.