Sarah’s Revival–Block 7

With my sewing machines packed and on a crate heading towards Texas, I am left with just handwork to do.  The only project I kept out was my Sarah’s Revival blocks.

The only problem with that was I didn’t keep a lamp and the lighting isn’t very cooperative most days to work on it.

I did, however, manage to get one block finished.

2013-05-30 18.06.11

It is still wrinkly since I don’t have an iron to press it right now.

On to block 9 (I started block 8 and I clipped the background fabric really well, so I will have to re-prep block 8).

A Couple of Things

For my upcoming trip to the mainland next month, I made myself a laptop sleeve and a tablet sleeve. 

2013-04-17 10.15.25

Here is the tablet sleeve.  I used soft & stable and fused the fabric to the outside before construction.  I then used another tablet sleeve – that was just a smidge too small as a guide on how to make this.  I think it turned out really well.

Since the tablet sleeve turned out so well, I decided to make a matching laptop sleeve.

2013-04-19 10.31.14

It is the same as the tablet sleeve, just large enough for my laptop. 

Last-Minute Dye-Job

Sometimes, things do not go exactly as you planned.  While I have been working away trying to finish my quilts for the upcoming quilt show, I ran into a problem.  No fabric for my binding for the last quilt I am completing. 

Part of the reason was that I mis-cut the border fabric that I had originally intended to use leaving me with way less fabric than I needed.  I had the bright idea to use this tutorial to bind – since it required smaller cuts of the binding fabric.  I thought I had enough of the accent fabric left from the quilt to complete the look.

As I drag the fabric out, I notice the cuts of the fabric would not be conducive to binding fabric – too many seams – most of them were only 6” x 5” pieces of fabric.  Oh boy.  What do I do?  The accent fabric is a hand dye that I made a while back. I don’t think I can duplicate it because it was fire red dye over dyed with Chinese red.  I then go to my stash of dyes and find out I have NO Chinese Red dye!  OH NO!

I have only until Tuesday to complete this quilt; there is no time to order more dye and get this completed.  I prepare some fabric in my soda ash solution and hope for the best.    I know I can’t duplicate the color because I just dumped the rest of my Fire Red (about a tablespoon and a half) and about a half tablespoon of Fuscia.  At the last minute I decided to add some Golden Yellow (the Chinese Red is an orange-red).  I think I usesd maybe a quarter teaspoon of it.

Here it is fresh out of the dryer!  Trust me – the photo does not do it justice.  It is still a tad bit damp for one and the red is a bit harder to photograph. 

2013-05-04 07.24.19

Its March?!? Really?!?

Oh my!  I can’t believe it is March already!  Not just March 1st.  March 6th (evening!).   Where has the time gone?

Oh I know.  It has gone to classes to get ready for my husband’s impending retirement from the military.  It has gone to waiting and fretting over “orders” so we can schedule all of our shipments.  It has gone to prepping a few new items for the quilt show (and a few other super secret things I can’t show yet).

I am alive.  I promise!  Here is a teaser shot of something I am working on right now… sandwiching of a quilt that I am quilting right now.  I hope to have it quilted by Monday and have the binding attached so I can put it on by hand at the Tuesday Bee.

2013-03-02 11.40.29-1

My mind has also been occupied with trying to find the perfect jewelry to go with my dress for the show’s reception.  So much so that I am dipping my toes into the water of jewelry making (beads and wirework).  Like I needed ANOTHER expensive hobby to have!  I ordered a “class in a box” kit to get my toes wet.  While I do like the colors that the kit comes in, I plan on going and getting other beads of similar nature to match my dress for the reception  at the local bead store– just because it would be easier for me to do something like that than to try and decide between the over three hundred pins I pinned to my Pinterest board.  Plus, since we are moving soon, I don’t want to go full-throttle on this new adventure beforehand… I can see it EASILY getting as involved as my quilting hobby.

Back on the Wagon

I had fallen off the wagon for a little while, but now I am back on.

What wagon, you ask?

The BOM Rehab Wagon.

Thanks to Sinta for hostessing this weekly rehab session.  I do plan on trying to stay on the wagon until our household goods shipment is picked up sometime in April.

Here is this week’s block:

2013-02-11 10.12.55

It is month three of the 2012 BOM Mystery from The Fat Quarter Shop.  I now have four blocks completed.