Batik Pineapples

After a flurry of sewing activity on Sunday, I managed to get my #10 challenge for Judy L’s UFO challenge done – at least to flimsy stage.  Since that is all I stated I would do for Judy’s challenge (anything extra would just be bonus) I consider it completed!  WOO HOO!


It is not set how the pattern calls for, but I really like this version better!

Japanese Jigsaw Runner

Last month Judy L.’s challenge number was #6.  On my list in that position was my Japanese Jigsaw (pattern by Tracy Brookshire).  It had the most to go as in stage wise.  All I had done was cut the 9” blocks into quarters and then put it away.

I managed to get the top done (which is all I am requiring of myself for Judy’s challenge) at a bee in January.  I dug out a coordinating jelly roll and made the back for it a little later.

Yesterday, after spending a week organizing & cleaning my sewing room, I was messing around and decided to baste it.  I figured, at least I would be one step closer to finishing it.  The binding was already prepped; I had it prepped for a while.

I first basted it just putting it on the table.  it was such a small quilt, I figured I didn’t need my boards to baste it. Yea.  The back was wonky and puckered.  I thought for about half a minute that I could just do anyway because no one would see the back. I changed my mind.

I went into the garage and dug out my boards.  I am very glad I did.  It now looks great on the front and back.  I just did a basic meander, but the star is the top, not the quilting on this one.  It also went from an awkward-sized wall-hanging to a reversible runner.






Shock among shocks, I even hand sewed the binding down.

February 1–Challenge Report Time

Judy L’s Challenge:

She chose #6 last month and for me it was my Japanese Jigsaw quilt.  I put the last stitches in the binding last night before bed.  I will show a picture of it later in its own post after the kids go to school and the hubby to work.  I know I stated that Judy’s was to just get them to flimsy stage, but I couldn’t resist quilting this cute little quilt yesterday.

This month, she has chosen #10 which is my Sunshine Pineapple blocks.  Ok.  This is the boost I need to work on it because it has the “A” word. 

Nancy’s Challenge:

She chose #3 last month. For me, this was my Bento Box. I had to purchase backing, and did.  I cut batting for it.  That is as far as I got.  But if you have been seeing my Monday Milestones, you know that not much in the sewing department has been going on.

This month, she chose #8 and for me it is my Red, White, and Blue Quilt.  Boy this sucker is big!  I don’t have any batting for it.  I was already planning on buying a bolt of batting from Joann’s – but I have to wait until they have 40% off coupon (anyone have a code for one that is valid till like Saturday?).  So it will depend on when I get the batting as to when I can quilt this one.

Judy’s UFO Challenge


She chose #6, which for me is Japanese Jigsaw.  This is the one that I have the most work to do.  Here are the fabrics that I am using.  I had laid them out in this configuration, but I never numbered them, so I doubt if they will stay this way. 


So to complete this UFO, I need to do the following:

  1. Lay the blocks out in a pleasing manner.
  2. Make the blocks.
  3. Put the blocks together.
  4. Put borders on.
  5. Piece the back.

Since this one was only supposed go to “flimsy” stage, that is where it may or may not end.   I will start on this later this week when the kids go back to school. Smile